Why Primers are a Must-Have?

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No matter if you prefer light makeup or full-face makeup, if you have not been using makeup primer, then you are really missing out. Makeup primer is an ultimate gift to all the makeup lovers when they are trying to combat shine or create a smooth base before applying foundation. However, many people are unaware of its importance and skip it believing they don’t really need it. Applying primer before putting foundation or other makeup will not only make everything last longer but also give a very smooth look.

Makeup Primer works as a base for foundation or makeup which permits it to go on smoother and help makeup last longer. The primers are formulated with silicone-based polymers like dimethicone because of their ultra-smoothing effects. However, if you have problem like cystic acne and other skin conditions, test it or check with medical professional before applying it on face to avoid any adverse reaction. Primers are also available only for eyelids to prevent creasing.

Applying makeup primer using fingertips permits you to really work the product into your skin. Usually, there multiple sponges and brushes to apply various makeup products but skin experts and beauticians believe that applying primer with fingers will help in bringing a more natural, smooth look. It is also a way to exercise your face which helps in removing wrinkles and keeping skin healthy.

There is separate primer for uneven skin texturewhich gives a toned skin look and therefore, can be worn on its own. Primer is the best solution if you love the fresh no-makeup look but want to look a bit more polished. It can also be applied on your eyelids and double as a light eyeshadow or it can serve as a lighter replacement of foundation.

More Benefits of Using Face Primer:

Face primers have a lot of variation to accommodate all skin types and concerns.

  • Illuminating Primers: these primers have glimmering particles which give skin extra radiance and shine. This quality makes these primers best if you wish to have more glow in your overall look.
  • Mattifying Primers: For people with oily skin, the mattifying primers are the best choice. Such product assist in reducing shone and control sebum.
  • Color-Correcting Primers: The tinted primers can be used to deal with any discolorations like red ashen or sallow skin. Various primers come in varying tints to cope with every type of skincare concern.
  • Long-Wearing Primers: Although basic job of all the primers is to help your makeup last longer but these specific ones really increase the hold. Few of these primers are a pro-strength primer which locks in the foundation and other makeup in place all day long.
  • Hydrating Primers: People with comparatively dry skin, there are few primers with extra layer of moisture. This not only helps in holding the makeup but freshen and conditions the skin.
  • Pore-reducing Primers: If you have uneven skin tone, large pore; these primers helps in bringing smooth appearance for better makeup application.