Top 7 Products To Help Reduce Dark Circles Naturally

There is absolutely nothing good about having dark circles. It defines all the tiredness and stress you might be going through. Getting dark under the eye has become common. Both men and women often get it. The primary reason for it is lack of adequate sleep. Other reasons include excessive exposure to the sun, dehydration, long hours of exposure to screen, and rubbing eyes continuously. While getting rid of these can help you get rid of dark circles to some extent, you can also try out some effective natural products.

Natural products to Treat Dark Circles

Below are seven of the natural products which are very much effective in reducing it.

Almond Oil

Using almond oil for dark circles has various benefits and is an age-old process. It has got zinc which has anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces sunburns and toxins. Using a Vitamin E capsule along with a teaspoonful of almond oil for dark circles can work wonders. Gently massage over the affected portions and keep it overnight. In the morning, wash your eyes with cold water.

Chilled Tea Bags

Besides almond oil for dark circles, one of the most sustainable solutions for dark circle reduction. Put the used tea bag in the freezer for a couple of hours to chill. In the evening, or before sleeping at night, put the tea bags on the eye and keep them for 30 minutes. Using it daily can help one to get rid of dark circles completely in a month.

Aloe Vera Gel Cubes

This is the cheapest product one can lay their hands upon. It is easy to peel the gel from the leaves. In a mixer, put the raw gel and add a cup of water and blend it. Pour the mixture in an ice cube tray and let it freeze. Use it every day before going to sleep at night. Rub the cubes under the eye until the cubes melt. One gets the best result in a couple of weeks.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil along with almond oil can be very effective. This oil reduces excessive inflammation due to the small chain fatty acids present in it. It is very soothing under the eye. It keeps the area moisturized working in the puffiness.

Sliced Cucumbers

Cucumbers have high water content which keeps the skin over the eyes hydrating. It reduces the puffiness of the eye. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties heal the skin effectively. Put the sliced cucumbers in the freezer to chill them. Before sleeping at night, put the sliced cucumbers over the eye and rest for 30 minutes. Within a month, one will get effective results.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is widely used in skincare products. It is as effective as almond oil for dark circles. Moreover, it has hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties which help in the reduction of dark circles rapidly.


Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative and works wonders. It helps in producing collagen, which eradicates the wrinkles under the eye. It makes the skin smooth under the eye. Eye creams rich in retinol and hyaluronic acid gives the best results in a couple of weeks.

These seven products work best if applied daily. Natural products like coconut oil and almond oil for dark circles, are very much effective. Chilled tea bags and aloe vera gel cubes are sustainable solutions. Eye creams containing retinol and retinol are considered best for visible results. Apart from using these products, one must always get some adequate sleep at night. Also, one should apply sunscreen and wear sun-protected spectacles or sunglasses while going out in the sun.