The Buzz Around Fashion Industry – The Best Women Styles of 2019

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It would be great to look back at the styles that we had been crazy about since the beginning of the year. Well, we cannot deny the fact that as a lady, we have this fashion sense, which we really admire most. We might not be a celebrity, but this is not a reason to stop dreaming about this industry. I know that a lot of ladies out there had been dreaming to be a star of their own. That’s why, we often imitate whatever designs are trending. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with it as long as this suits your taste of style.


We can even visit various websites like to know what other ladies are talking about when it comes to fashion. As a woman of today’s generation, there are countless resources online to complete your daily style. I can say that girls are smart enough to collect information and that keeps them updated. Anyway, we have social media channels, where everybody can talk about their own fashion trend. I guess, it is a good place to get more of the previous, latest and future style ideas. Therefore, you should be joining such communities to get a good grasp of what to wear.

By the way, a lot of ladies would always want to be fashionable, starting from their hair down to their shoes. That will absolutely complete their outfit for the day and that will surely be satisfying for them. When we talk about our own style, we look at it amazingly perfect. We accept criticisms and we are proud of what we can show to the fashion industry. Now, why don’t we check on some of the trends that every Fashionista have tried this year? I supposed, it is good to make a buzz out of it because the year is nearly ending.


Biker Shorts with a Blazer

You might be feeling weird looking at this style, but this is a very comfortable outfit. Can you imagine yourself wearing fancy biker shorts? You just need to put on any blouse or topper that will look great on the blazer. Let’s say that you do not need to focus too much on the shorts, you just need to ensure that this will match the inner blouse or the blazer.

For example, you may put on a black biker shorts. And then, put on a black belt for your blazer. It will also look great to put on blazers with black collars. This outfit will be perfect for casual occasions. Why don’t you go out with your friends and surprise them with this attire?

Animal Instinct

Pretty sure that you are familiar with animal prints on various clothing, such as pants, skirts, dresses, blouse and blazers to name a few. Actually, you can also find this type of animal printings of various bags, belts, headbands and shoes, too. Well, you should know that this is one of the trends in 2019.

Actually, this will look good on everybody regardless of your skin complexion. Can you imagine wearing and investing on this leopard or tiger look just like the celebrities? If you are interested with this, then you better try one before this design ends with the year. As a Fashionista, feel free to put this on in any occasion.

Colorful Tartan

I know that most of you will think of a tartan design for a sleeping attire. Anyway, for guys, this is often used for night outfits. While it is also common to use this in polo shirts. But the trend has changed it this year. That’s why you can find a lot of people wearing it along the streets this year.

When it comes to this outfit, it will usually come in two pieces. One is in the upper, which could be in a form of blazers or blouses and the other one is in the bottom – pants in various cuts like loose, pencil or fitted. It is an ideal attire for work or any casual event.


Puffed Shoulder

Whatever design will look beautiful on you with your puffed shoulder long or short dresses and blouses. I know that this had been a fashion in 1980s, but this year it was given a twist. It does not matter how long or short the sleeves would be as long as it puffs on your shoulders, it will still look pretty on you.

This is a good outfit that can be used on all occasions. No matter how casual or formal your activity would be, you can take it as a good choice. However, it would be great, if you can match it with high heeled shoes or boots.

Boiler Suit

You do not need to be a laborer just to wear boilers. Do you know that this had been a trend in 2019? Actually, no matter what color a boiler suit is, it will surely fit your activities. You can wear this fashionable outfit in the workplace, streets, parks, shopping malls or anywhere you would like to go. Click here to learn why women wear boilers.

Since this is usually designed with long sleeves, you have the option to wear it as is or to fold it. I guess, you can do whatever you feel is more comfortable and matches the weather. By the way, you can always put this on together with any type of bag and shoes – rubber, boots, flat or with heels. Actually, you will probably look great even if you will put on a bucket hat.


As a Fashionista of the 20th century, putting on a dress, skirt, blouse and pants in patched style would look pretty on you. This may come in various colors and an ideal choice for casual activities.

The fabric will not be a problem here because anything that you can patch together is fine. This trend really looks perfect, especially when matched with the right patches. Anyway, you have your own style. Therefore, you can surely work this out.