Skincare Product Must-Haves to Eliminate Germs

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Every day we use our favorite skincare products on our skin for Protection from risks, but we rarely bother whether they are safe for use or not, but you can check about Imomoko products. In fact, our skincare products may be contaminated, but it can be difficult for us to notice. Our beauty tools like beauty blenders, mascara, and lip gloss are the worst culprits that contaminate our skincare products. Sterilizing your products is very crucial to prevent the spread of bacteria into your product. When you buy a beauty product, you do it with confidence that it will last long. This can only be achieved through preservatives. Without the preservatives, the active ingredients in your skincare product will become inactive with time. Preservatives in your skincare products are common and necessary because skincare products are like food for your skin. A skincare product must have a preservative to eliminate and prevent germs.

Importance of preservatives in skincare products

Preservatives are used to prevent bacteria growth. They kill the microbe cells and create a difficult environment for bacteria to spread. Therefore, to avoid bacteria, mold, fungi, and other microbial germs in your moisturizer, you should carefully think about a suitable preservative. Due to increased natural skincare products, there is a need for preservatives in all products because of the water content. The presence of water enables waterborne bacteria to grow and spread. Water is the main ingredient in hydrating skincare products; thus, a preservation agent is required to protect that product from bacteria. In addition, preservatives are fundamentals in skincare products packaged in a jar. The luxurious creams that come in the jars are cesspools of germs because you usually put your contaminated fingers in and out daily as you apply your product to the skin. Therefore, without proper preservatives, it is possible to contaminate your product fast. When buying skincare products, ensure they have the following preservative products; sodium benzoate, phenoxyethanol, and propylene glycol, which are safe preservatives. Some preservatives are harmful. When purchasing a skincare product, always check labels carefully to avoid these preservatives. Preservatives such as parabens, Diazolidinyl urea are not safe for you.


Antioxidants are essential components in your skincare products, but they are not preservatives. However, they play a crucial role in protecting your skincare product against radical damage. When your product is exposed to oxygen, especially those packaged in jars, damage and ingredient degradation may occur. Many people argue antioxidants are preservatives because they protect the product against oxidation. However, they are more concerned with the radical damage than the bacteria formation. Vitamin C and vitamin E are the commonly used antioxidants.

At times we can buy good skincare products that are bacteria-free, but our habits of handling them can lead to contamination. It is imperative to be keen when applying makeup to avoid contaminations because our skincare products are breeding grounds for germs. The following steps can help to keep bacteria at bay.

a) Sanitize your lipsticks

Many people reapply lipsticks several times a day. The human mouth has many bacteria because of its warm and wet nature and the food remnants. The dead skin cells are also transferred to your lipstick during the application. To sanitize your lipstick and keep it bacterial-free, you can dip it into a small cup of isopropyl alcohol for half an hour.

b) Use of skincare applicators

Many people love a good jar moisturizer, but they never consider the number of times they dip their fingers inside of it. This can easily contaminate your product with dangerous germs. To prevent this contamination, always ensure you sanitize your hands before using your product. This can also be significantly done by using a skincare applicator. The use of a skincare applicator is a great way to circumvent infection and keeping your product clean.

c) Use of antibacterial spray

Like hand sanitizer, sprays used for sanitizing makeups are effective, and they kill germs very fast and suppress further bacterial growth. Just the way you use antibacterial products around your home, you should also buy sanitizing sprays for your skincare products.

d) Wash your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are the core elements in your makeup tools. Regardless of how clean your face is, your brushes must be cleaned often to prevent the spreading of germs. The collection of dirt and oils on your makeup brushes can adversely affect skin conditions, leading to rashes and acne breakouts.

In conclusion, just like any other body part, our skin should be taken good care of. Our skincare products are meant to nourish our skin and make it glow. If they are contaminated with germs, this affects our skin and can lead to diseases. Therefore, it is crucial to be keen when using our skincare products.