Occasion Related Footwear

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On entering a crowded area, is it said that footwear is the first thing that most of the people looks at! If we are concerned a lot about our dresses and accessories, then why not our shoes? The footwear we need to choose is different with different kinds of dresses and it is much related to the place we are visiting. That is why one must have all kinds of shoe that are suited for different occasions to represent a good dressing sense.


Hence, the following described are occasions where one needs to take care of its type of shoes:

1.    Casual

One does not need to wear any superior looking shoe if she is going to the store or just to hang out in the town, else which would look unusual in a negative manner. Flat sandals with some amazing design and color shall work well in this case and would also make you feel comfortable. Also, loafers or sneakers can also be worn if you are style concerned.

2.    Work

You need to stay comfortable as well as presentable as the place of your work. The ones with kitten heels can go for both conditions stated above. Even if you are often in a hurry, this is the right choice as you just need to put your legs inside it, and you are ready to rush to your office. Moreover, if you want to wear formals when you have a meeting, then you must buy a classy Lelulah Boutique.

3.    College

Now, this is the place where one wishes to show-off a bit and remains concerned about its style. For college, you may select a good pair of ankle strap shoe of good and trendy color and pattern which will overcome all your style desires. These types of shoes will also ensure that you face no discomfort during college hours. Hence, ankle strap shoe will help you in looking stylish and would suit best with casual wear.

4.    Evening Parties

Heels are suited the best for the parties. They will give you a stunning and classy look at the evening and can be best worn with a sober one piece. Make sure that you select your dress which goes well with the color of the heels. Heels will outshine your personality in front of people present at the party. Moreover, one must purchase a branded and comfortable pair of heels so that there is no pain in the legs at the bed after the party.

5.    Wedding

Wedding is an occasion at which you need to go dressed up properly. Again, fancy and stylish pair of heels would give elegance to your lovely dress! Well, but if you wish to wear an ethnic dress like saree, then heels may be a bad idea. In this case, you shall wear a moderately heeled ethnic styled footwear which that can match with your dress up. Thus, all your relatives will compliment you for your style and dress up.