How to Pass A Urine Drug Test

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We’ve all been on the other side. Life is hard and work is even harder, so we just have to give it a rest from time to time. However, drugs are illegal, and everyone should know that. If you can do without it, it’s better that way.

Almost all employers ask their employees to do a drug test here and there. Sometimes there’s no time to get cleaned for it. Different drugs need a different time to get out of your system so depending on what you took, you must know how much time they need until you’re officially clean again.

If you’re not sure, here’s a short list of drugs that are illegal and how much is their half-life. Of course, there are many factors from which how much the drug will be held in your urine. This list is just a guide. Learn more thoroughly about drugs in our body here.

Heroin and Cocaine stay 4 days. Methamphetamine can be found up to 6 days, while cannabis is there for at least 3 and up to 30 days. These are some of the most commonly used drugs and cannabis is probably the most common of all. As you can see, smoking a joint once a month can put you in a lot of trouble since most employers will fire you if they find out you’re going to work influenced or after being influenced.

What you need to know is that occasional using of any drug is fairly easy to be disguised. Constant use, on the other hand, is very hard not to be seen on the medical tests. What’s more important is that regular use can cause some very serious health issues and damages to your brain so make sure you know all the positive and negatives sides of using any drug.

We’re not here to judge, but you need to know that everyday use of any drug prolongs the time needed for exiting your system. For example, if your organism needs 4 days to be clean from one small dose of cocaine, it will need months to detox if you’ve been taking it daily. This is all important to know if you want to pass the urine test.

Why do you must know this? Simply because you shouldn’t even try to detox yourself if the test is in three weeks and you’ve been smoking marijuana every day for the last three months. Heavy users can’t get rid of the leftovers in their urine for more than 90 days, so if you really need to show clean results, you’ll have to do something else.


Living a healthy life helps in the cleaning

Let’s say you have a drug test in 3 weeks. That’s plenty of time to get good results. Occasional drug users, as seen, can get rid of the drug pretty fast. Of course, you have to quit using at the very moment you realize you’ll have to do a drug test.

Then, using all the possible methods is very important. Living a healthy life, in general, is great advice for everyone, but in this situation is merely essential. Why? Because our body is programmed to work faster in every sense when it’s taken under more physical pressure. Running, lifting weights, all force the boy to sweat, thus take the toxins out of it.

It also rushes the blood because of the faster heart rate which means your blood will regenerate faster. Adding water to all this is a great choice. Water is the best-known fighter with dangerous toxins in your body. It helps the organs inside you to process them. Their faster and better work means better chances to have a clean result on the testing.

Using detox products

There are millions of drug users in the world. All of them face their own issues and fight their own life battles. Those that are coping with work drug tests are not just a few people. We’re talking about thousands here.

The industry has realized that there’s a need for a product that will help these people. That’s why today there are plenty of detoxification solutions doing the job fairly easy. They are not meant for everyday use, but if you need them in times of trouble, it’s probably the best option you have.

How do they work and are they effective? They are made with special chemicals that are needed for the faster working of the organs and other chemicals that will suppress the existence of the toxic ingredients inside. This way the manufacturers of these solutions can guarantee that you’ll be clean for a period of time that is required for your individual situation.


Handing over a fake urine sample

This is probably one of the solutions when you have no one else to turn. If the deadline is near and you have no other options, take this into consideration. The fake urine can be found on the internet without any problem. It looks, smells, and feels like real urine. The only difference is that it’s just water with some add-ons to make it look real.

These solutions are actually used for calibrating the machines on which your sample will be tested. That means that the machine has already passed something like this. On top of everything, your results will come out perfect, so you might even receive a bonus from your employees for being healthy to the maximum. Here is a page on this topic if you want to know more about it.



As you can see, passing a urine drug test is not rocket science, but you’ll need to put in some effort if you want to do it properly. The best way is a natural way, but if the time is against you don’t hesitate to turn to other ideas too.

If you have to choose between regret and keeping your job, we all know what you would do. Don’t worry, we’d do the same. The only thing you need to mind here is not to get caught. After all, you’re not guilty until proven differently.