How to Make Your Nail Art Stay Longer

Today fashion is playing an important role in our day-to-day life. In this busy world nail art has now become trendy. Every day our hands performs lot of work. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to take care of your nail art. Here some tips are given below to show how you can make your nail art stay longer:

1. Proper Nail Length:

Proper length of nail is necessary to avoid breakage. It will also help you to do any kind of activities quickly. Sometimes long nail becomes very painful while performing some daily works such as washing clothes, running keyboard etc. So, it’s better to avoid long nails.

2. Right Way of Filing Nails:

Filing nails in a proper way is necessary. This will help to prevent breakage and can also avoid in becomes your nail brittle. Always file your nails in one direction making the tips of the nail smooth. If you randomly file your nails in a wrong way, then try to make it gets even by filing carefully.

3. Best Quality Nail Polish:

Always choose best quality nail polish. Many nail polishes contain lots of harmful ingredients. Those harmful ingredients sometimes cause allergy. Also never try to dry out your nail polish faster as sometimes it may cause breaking or cracking of nails. It may also harden the nail polish. So, by nail polish with “three-free” labeled so that your nail polish can be extended for a longer period without affecting your health.

4. Base Coat for Protection:

Application of base coat is very essential before applying nail polish. This will help in preventing and protecting your nail skin from discolor and stain. It also gives you a smooth finish. As result, you can do any nail art to enhance the beauty of your nails. So, to make your nail art stay longer don’t forget to apply a base coat before applying nail polish on your nails.

5. Paint the Tips:

Cover the tips of your nails by painting them. This will help to prevent outgrown nails. The overgrowth can cause your cuticles to split, which means bacteria and dirt can enter your nail bed and trigger an infection.

6. Protect your Nail from Water:

Washing hand continuously makes your nail get vulnerable. So before doing some household chores like washing dishes, clothes, and many more, try to wear rubber gloves to protect your nails from water. This nail tips also helps to protect your nail art stay longer.