How To Get The Best Fashion Sportswear

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Most people ask the question – what should I wear to Muay Thai? Sportswear for one sporting activity differs from the next. That’s why you need to go shopping for the right gear.

Traditional boxing shorts are a good starting point. However, kicking-heavy sports like Muay Thai needs something different with higher flexibility. Your joggers or leggings are also a terrible idea.

They are heavier and will reduce your ability to clinch or catch kicks with minimal fuss. But how do you choose the right Muay Thai shorts? Here’s a short guide to choosing the right Muay Thai shorts and sportswear.


What Makes Muay Thai Shorts Different? 

At the bottom line, Muay Thai shorts make kicks easier.  The design of the Muay Thai shorts makes it easier to transition between grappling or striking. They are extremely shorter than sports for kickboxing or MMA. This helps reduce the chances of getting caught on clothing and offer additional grip.

Things To Avoid 

Some brands are creating sportswear for Muay Thai without first learning about the cultural significance. To ensure that you don’t disrespect the Thai people and culture accidentally, here are a few things to avoid.

First, in Thai culture, anything below the waist is considered a disrespectful position. So designs that include the Thai flag, gods, or royalties should be avoided. We also recommend avoiding anything with symbolism you don’t understand.

How To Order The Right Muay Thai Shorts? 

1. Size

When shopping for your Muay Thai sportswear, the first rule is to get the sizing right. Do not that Thai sizes are different from Western or European sizes. So, we recommend going for a size larger than your standard size. For instance, if you usually wear Small/Medium shorts, opt for a size Large.XL in Maui Thai shorts.

This is because Thai people are usually smaller than their western counterparts. You should do the same for the length of the shorts. Aim for longer than you normally wear. Even when it’s a little too big, you can always roll the waist up for a tighter fit, but you cannot add material to shorts if they were already too small.

Brands also have different sizing charts to verify the kinds of charts they use before your purchase.

2. Material

Besides size, the material also matters. Usually, Muay Thai shorts come in satin and nylon materials. Cotton shorts are a terrible mistake for Muay Thai

Beyond that, Satin provides superior comfort to Nylon. They offer a lightweight, durable, and more comfortable feel than Nylon. Durability is off-course important, as you don’t want a pair of shorts that will rip after a few wears.

In contrast, Nylon is of lower quality. But some people prefer those because they dry up fast and are cheaper. They also make great lounge shorts on occasion.

3. Style

Finally, you have two major cuts to choose from. You can choose between the standard/traditional cut or ‘retro’ style cut. The Standard or Traditional offers maximum flexibility by having very wide legs. They also make it easier to roll the waistband to increase flexibility.

In contrast, the retro style Muay Thai shorts at are designed to offer a shorter, squarer cut. This means you have arched slits on either side to compensate for the lack of wider legs.

4. Number of shorts

You don’t have to own too many, but it’s always great to wear a fresh pair for every session. Most people have about 4 to 8 pairs and rotate between them. But the right number for you will depend on how often you wash and how much you train. However, ensure always to wash your shorts. No one wants the stale smell of sweat, and it will be disrespectful to the people training with you.

Do You Have To Wear Muay Thai Shorts?          

Sure, you don’t have to wear Muay Thai shorts (especially in a casual environment). But it depends on your Muay Thai gym location.

The Thai culture is also built on respect. When using a dedicated Mau Thai gym, training with the proper equipment (including the Muay Thai shorts) is essential. Most gyms don’t enforce it but look around your gym o talk to your coach to get the general attitude around your gym.

Overall, the best fashion wears for Muay Thai will depend on your unique style and the look you want to portray. This usually pertains to color and design. However, this guide helps you ensure you get the right size and material for comfort.