How to dress well as a man: fashion rules all men should learn from

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Dressing well makes an individual stand out, and boosts self-confidence. Right from putting together great outfits, to the choice of accessories, fashion is an art, and a person’s appearance is the voice of fashion.

Gone are the days when the cloth choices of men were limited, with options like baggy jeans, boot cut pants, and tightly fitted shirts. These days, many men are fashion conscious and they try to fit into any gathering they may be in with their choice of outfits.

It is important to dress in comfortable clothing, but your clothes should also reflect your personality. There are many fashion brands all over the world coming up each season with different designs of outfits that keep evolving.

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How to choose an appropriate outfit for different occasions as a man

It may be quite confusing for an everyday man to make different choices of what outfit is suitable for what occasion and in most cases, he would probably go with just the random shirt and pants or suits.

It is important to note that, there are different outfits suitable for each occasion, for instance; a wedding or funeral outfit would be a suit while, first date outfit ideas may just be a pair of jeans with a comfortable shirt and a pair of sneakers or boots, all of which depends on the personality of the man.

Again, what to wear to an occasion depends on some factors like the people you are going to meet, the venue of the event and also weather conditions, amongst others. There are reviews websites like  that you can visit to check up online to get ideas about choices of what outfit to wear and how to combine clothing pieces and accessories, among other things.

You should learn to accessorize your outfit to give a more unique look

Accessories aren’t meant for only women; there are many accessories that a man can use to complement his outfits. Accessories could be wristwatches, sunglasses, bracelets, suspenders, socks, pocket squares, caps, etc. Accessorizing your outfit allows you to stand out, giving details and also to complete your outfit.

The shoes are also an important part of a complete outfit; it is very important to take care of your shoes so that they can last long and serve the purpose for which they were purchased. You can maintain your shoes by polishing or in the case of suede, you can just clean it up now and then for them to always look their best.

Work on attractive colors suitable for your skin tone

It is known that men do not like flashy colors which some of the terms to be feminine, but depending on your skin tone, you can get away with some cool but flashy colors of outfits, like blue, pink, and red. The eyes and hair color should also be considered when making choices of the right color of outfit to wear.


The whole purpose of clothing is to make the wearer comfortable and to cover the essential parts of the body. Wear clothing that allows you to be confident and yet stylish. You can upgrade your style by getting the basic fashion items to your wardrobe.