How to Be Sexy and Modest

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The world we’re living in today is one that likes to promote hedonism and a carefree “just do whatever you like” attitude. But in Finland, we prefer to have a little bit more self-respect. We like to dress in ways that show we’re not just wild animals. And Zaful has plenty of clothes that help us to achieve this. Today, I want to go over a few rules of advice for how you can be both sexy and modest.

Short does not mean tiny

When most of us hear the word “short” our mind pictures something so skimpy that it reveals everything that should be hidden. But short does not have to mean too short.

Nobody is saying that you need to cover up your ankles and that your shoulders shouldn’t ever be on display, but just because you have a few extra body parts on show, that doesn’t mean that you can’t leave a few things for the imagination.

Your skirt doesn’t need to be so short that it shows your butt, but it can be just above the knees. Your cleavage doesn’t need to be on full display, but it can be poking out just a little bit.

The year is 2020, and the days of needing to cover everything up are over, but just because the rules of modesty have changed, that doesn’t mean it’s no longer important. You can wear clothes that show off your physique, and your assets, without dressing like you should be working in a brothel.

It’s all about balance.

Baggy clothes

In the summertime, baggy clothes can have so many benefits, both for how you feel and for how others will feel about it.

Not only will they be far better at being able to cool you down than tight-fitting revealing clothes, but they’ll also hide the things that only the luckiest of people should ever get to see.

If you wish to swap sluttishness for elegance, then putting on something a little bit baggier can do so, but in a way that makes you look relaxed and up to date with the latest trends and not just a prude who doesn’t want to show off ant skin.

Long Skirts

Skirts are great at keeping you cool. In most cultures throughout the world, people are wearing skirts of some kind. This is particularly true in hot countries where they can help to keep you cool.

But don’t think that a skirt has to be something so short it reveals everything with just a short gust of wind.

Skirts can come in a variety of different lengths. Some of which come just above the ankle, and others that go all the way down to the floor. A long skirt can be just as sexy and cooling as a short one.

Cover up your boobies

One particular part of the female anatomy that can cause many stares is the chest. If you want a way to stop these stares, the best thing you can do is cover-up.

It’s up to you how much. Maybe you want them to be completely covered, with nobody at all to be able to see them. Or perhaps you would rather put just a little bit of them on show. Regardless, there’s no need to have the whole rack on display.

If you want to keep sexy, you can always wear something that shows off your shoulders instead.

Finding modest clothing

If any of these ideas take your fancy, then you can try looking for some clothes that will make you look like a princess at Suomiarvostelut.

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