How to avoid buying fake products online

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Buying products online is cheaper and you get a lot of options to choose from. However, buying online is also risky. There is a risk of buying fake products, also the internet is saturated with fraudsters these days. Visit US-Reviews for top fashion reviews

The past few years have witnessed a drastic growth in the online shopping sector, just by clicking a few buttons, you can get almost everything(gadgets, accessories, medicine and so on). You can shop for whatever you  want in the comfort of your bed. Check mens fashion bags online reviews for information about men’s wear.

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However, while online shopping has opened up an array of possibilities, it has also brought, with it the risk of purchasing something that may be fake or counterfeit. How then can you avoid buying fake products online? Check out the tips below;

1. Prices.

If the price on a designer item is too good or too low than you expected, then chances are it’s a fake. You may need to do some additional research here and go online to check reviews, check whether or not the company is having a sale on that particular product.

Most designer brands will not heavily discount their products,even during promo periods, so if you see one at nearly 70% off the original price, be wary.

2. But from authentic websites

If you are shopping online, buy from online market places that have the proper software to weed out listings for fake products. Customers can also report fake product listings and they will be removed. Also, buy from an original manufacturer or an authorized dealer.

Check online for reviews of the seller you intend to buy from to see whether some customers are mentioning receiving fake products. You can verify the physical address of sellers on google. You have to ensure that you are buying from an approved seller.


Fraudsters often neglect the Item description area.You should always check the product description, especially in instances where you  are uncertain or sceptical about the seller or website, perhaps the item has a significant discount, or the seller is based in one of the main counterfeit-producing countries as mentioned above.

Carefully analysing the product description of the fraudulent product and cross-referencing it with the legitimate product will reveal inconsistencies or a complete lack of certain information.

4. Check the product’s packaging

Brands generally put their logos on packaging, not just the products. So if your purchase arrives in anonymous wrapping, that could be a sign that it’s fake. Also, compare the band logo with the one you saw online.

Misspellings and differences in design could mean you’ve got a fake good. Also look for certifications, use-by dates, and attached warranties, which should arrive with the product. In some cases, you can verify the serial number through the manufacturer’s website.

5. Check for the availability of Social Media Links

A trustworthy fashion store will put their social media links at the bottom of their website. You will find links to that brand’s or company’s social media pages.

Fraudsters do avoid this. Once you notice an online fashion store without social media links, be wary!!