Fashion tips for Men

As knowledge increase, the misconception that men cannot fashionable is gradually erased. Men and women are learning more about how to upgrade their appearance and use fashion for influence. If you are a man, you do not have to attend a fashion school before you are fashionable. Here are fashion tips for men.

Always go for quality and dress every day

Your wardrobe should not be oversaturated with items that are of low quality. Your clothes should not only make you feel good, but they should look good as well. It is not about having the largest selection of clothes in the world, the few you have should be enough to give you a royal appearance whenever you step out if they are of high quality. Get the necessary items like trousers, jackets, ties, etc. Also, dressing well is a skill that can be learned, so you are not doomed if you are not naturally inclined towards fashion. You have to keep on practicing every day, so get dressed every day. Take note of the comments you receive and adjust where necessary. You can also reach out to a style trainer or someone who knows how to dress well for mentoring. To get quality clothes, you could read on to know the right company to shop from. You can start by reading more about ShopWorn to know if they sell quality clothing and if they are reliable for you to buy from.

Be confident

A lot of people have it backward when they place the quality of their clothes over the self-confidence that comes from within. If you are not confident, you cannot be fashionable. You will be afraid of ever upgrading your style and trying out new things. If you are required to have self-confidence in other aspects of your life such as asking a lady out or asking for a raise at work, you need confidence in your fashion game as well. Look for various ways you can build confidence within yourself, such as affirming your strengths, doing the things you love, etc.

Be a great person

Fashion goes deeper than physical appearance. If you can dress the part, you must also act the part. It is all about valuing image in society. Your appearance matters when it comes to first impressions, but you must also support that with a great personality. Know what is socially acceptable and do it. This does not mean you cannot be innovative or stand out, but do so in a way that harms no one or offends the law. Your image and style work hand in hand.

Get good shoes

Research shows that the first thing people notice about you is your shoes. Most people even judge you based on your shoes; they measure your net worth and guess your career. Spending quite some money on good shoes is a great investment because you can wear classics for almost every occasion. As much as it is important to go for highly fashionable shoes, consider comfort and durability as well. If you have a personal style you have crafted for yourself, look for shoes that fit into the mold. If not, you can go for anything that is good and looks good.

Do not consider fashion trends

It is good if you jump on fashion trends as well to upgrade your fashion game, but do not rely on them. Just like waves of the sea, fashion trends are unstable. They exist today and cease to exist tomorrow. Do not build a wardrobe out of fashion trend items, they are not staples, especially when you cannot afford to be changing your wardrobe every month. Stick to timeless pieces of clothing and classic patterns, colors, textures, patterns, etc. You can even combine them with some fashion trend items to make a great personal style.

Exercise regularly

Fashion is not only about clothes, it is about your posture too. You have to build your body into a great shape and exercise is the surest way to do it. Doing some push-ups once will not make your body shape stylish, you have to be consistent and intentional about your workout routine. Exercise releases endorphins, which are natural painkillers and put you in a good frame of mind. Exercising regularly also helps you build a good posture, which is vital to your long-term physical, psychological and social health, and your self-confidence.

Get good accessories

Accessories are a great way to level up your fashion game; get high-quality accessories. They include a wristwatch, leather bag, ties, pins, etc. They help to make your dressing look polished and refined. For instance, a good wristwatch can accentuate the strength and sexiness of your wrist. A bag is also important. We use bags in almost all we do, for school and work, some take them to the gym, etc. They are very practical tools and right at your disposal, why not use them? Leather bags are especially good because of their quality, reasonable price, and timelessness.

Get a good suit

Nowadays, the fastest way to make a great first impression is to wear a well-fitted, high-quality suit. If you do this, you will look more stylish than you can ever imagine. Most young men make the mistake of thinking suits are for older men or men higher up the social or career ladder. This is not true. Either you are young or old, high up the social or career ladder or not, but want to make a good first impression, then wear a suit. However, not every occasion demands that you wear a suit, you have to use your discerning to know which demands and which does not.

Be great with casual dresses

You do not have to look corporate or formal all the time. As much as wearing a suit is good, wearing it all the time will make people think that you are a fashion bore or too uptight and serious. Besides, give your body some breathing space as well. Learn how to combine a pair of jeans with shirts, vests, jackets, etc. Ladies especially love those who can strike a balance between formal and casual dressing, and you will have more fun if you can do that too.