Everything You Should Know About Microblading in Coeur D’Alene

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For most women, eyebrows are an essential part of aesthetics and personal appearance. That is the main reason why they spend so much time waxing, plucking, filling them and threading. However, there are ways to do a permanent thing so that you can enjoy all the way.

The main problem with this particular idea is that eyebrow trends tend to change as time goes by, so getting a permanent tattoo is not the best option that you can consider.

That is the main reason why microblading at TruYu Beauty Studio is the best choice for you because it features semi-permanent and low-maintenance appeal. Therefore, its popularity reached prominence, and millions of women are looking for the perfect eyebrows without effort.

The idea is to understand everything about the procedure so that you can determine whether it will work for you or not. Stay with us to learn more about it.

1.    It Uses the Similar Technique as Tattooing


Even though it uses a similar technique as with tattooing, you will get less permanent results, which will provide you an ability to customize your appearance based on specific situations.

Of course, the process involves using small needles to place pigments on your skin, and the idea is to use the technique to create natural strokes that will resemble hair.

The certified technicians will use small needles to place pigment in the upper dermis of the skin, which is why the procedure is not entirely permanent.

At the same time, the main difference between traditional tattoos and microblading is in-depth of the pigment. When applied correctly, these pigments will break down as time goes by, and finally, fade away.

2.    The Process Involves Two Parts

The process includes taking an initial appointment that will last approximately two to three hours. The method of microblading will take one hour, but most sessions tend to start with interviews and thorough discussions about expectations and desired outcome.

After that, the technician will create a template based on the client’s facial features and structure. This particular step is the moment when you should talk about all adjustments because the process will not start yet.

The initial appointment is the most crucial part, but you should come back in the next eight weeks to let a technician see whether your skin healed adequately. At the same time, you can make additional adjustments by adding density and color based on your preferences.

The follow-up appointment usually lasts up to two hours. Finally, you should consider getting an appointment annually to maintain the desired shape and density.

3.    You Should Expect Slight Pain during the Procedure


In most cases, people do not notice anything, which means that you will not have general discomfort during the process, but the use of small needles may cause mild swelling and redness of the area afterward.

However, it is not problematic, and in most cases, you will not notice the issues. Most artists are using a topical numbing cream so that you can reduce the hassle and pain altogether. They are using Lidocaine, which will help you relieve pain and numb the area.

Cream requires a few minutes to reach the desired results before microblading process. In case you notice excessive swelling, discomfort, and redness, it is vital to contact your doctor and artist as soon as possible.

4.    It Is Not For Everyone

Remember that microblading is not for everyone, which means that if you are nursing or pregnant, you should avoid this particular procedure.

At the same time, if you are undergoing chemotherapy, it is much better to finish with the entire treatment because this procedure can increase the chances of infection.

Finally, if you are taking regular medications in the form of blood thinners, you should talk with your physician to see whether you can handle the procedure or not.

5.    The Results Depend On Skin Type

Remember that this particular procedure can benefit some skin types much better than others can, which is why you should conduct comprehensive research on the best method possible for your specific skin type.

Have in mind that drier skin types will have the best results when it comes to retaining the pigment compared with other skin types. On the other hand, if your skin type is oily, the healing will be less crisp and softer.

6.    It Won’t Stop the Natural Hair Growth

One of the biggest myths that people have about microblading is that it will affect hair growth, but that is not the case. The idea is when you do it correctly; it will not affect the natural hair growth at all.

However, sometimes, it may stimulate growth, which is a great thing because your brows will look much denser than before. Of course, the boost in growth means that you have to groom frequently, but that will create much fuller look than you had.

7.    Conduct Research Before an Appointment

When you wish to find a proper facility or an artist that will help you along the way, it is vital to conduct comprehensive research since various states come with specific and unique regulations and laws.

At the same time, during research, you should consider a few factors as well, and the most important one is safety.

Every single technician must use disposable and one-time equipment, so before booking an appointment, check out whether they think about safety so that you can ensure an experience that is more successful.

Apart from checking out the hygiene and certifications, you should see the previous work of an artist before you make up your mind as well as before/after pictures. This is not just for safety, but also for getting a proper experience.

If the artist does it correctly, your effects will last between 12 and 24 months depending on your lifestyle and skin type. On the other hand, if someone does a lousy job, the pigments can easily migrate in the different parts of your skin, and that may cause results that are more permanent.

Therefore, you should choose by following these factors and always be proactive before you make up your mind.