Customizable Jewellery Vs Custom Made Jewellery

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We live in a digital world which is driven by new technologies that have a tremendous impact on our lives, resulting in changes to our interactions, habits, and shopping experience.

The development of technology, for example, has greatly affected and modernized the jewellery industry. CAD/CAM Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing has been embraced by many jewellery professionals and used extensively in the workplace today. Designing jewellery in 3d and offering digital jewellery collections is a routine practice now. Therefore, we see customizable and custom made jewellery, which are terms that are often confused, and so let us simplify the terminology so as to clarify and explain it.

Customizable Jewellery And Customizable Rings

Customizable rings are probably the most popular item in the category of customizable jewelry. Alternatively, such rings can be referred to as Made-to-order rings or simply Custom Ring Settings. Essentially, all of them are rings designed in 3D software and converted into renders, which are photorealistic images made to showcase digital collections of curtain rings that can be modified and personalized to a certain extent but which come with certain limitations.

How does it work?

Normally a new trend is researched, analyzed, and conceptualized into a digital ring design. Customers can not change the overall style of this ring setting but they are allowed to customize these rings with their choice of diamonds or gemstones and with that metal color & quality which they prefer. The ring setting is custom-made with your select features in your finger size and sometimes can be personalized with engraving or birthstone set inside the band.

Are Customizable Rings your cost-effective option?

It depends because you are basically saving on 3d design, the cost of which will depend on the complexity of your chosen ring setting.

Overall, customizable rings should be slightly less expensive and more affordable because the design is already built-in 3D unless you want to incorporate a 3-carat diamond or a padparadscha sapphire in this ring setting…
The same conditions will apply towards purchasing customizable earrings, pendants, bracelets or other made-to-order pieces of jewellery.

Customizable Rings – Know the difference!

To summarize, Customizable rings are custom made rings with certain select features which you can personally request, however, they are not custom-designed specifically according to all of your preferable custom features.

Custom Jewellery and Custom-made Rings – Know the difference!

It is thus probably clear from the way customizable jewelry was described that: Custom made rings are custom designed for you with all your personal features, granting endless opportunities to design something very special for you or your loved one. It’s one-of-a-kind design that reflects your personal taste and style which showcases your personally held design.

The most important difference between customizable and custom-made jewelry will be that your bespoke jewel can be completely hand-crafted for you with no use of 3D software. Handmade jewellery is definitely more expensive, but it allows for the creation of some very unique designs that incorporate intricate details and so it will be always strongly recommended.

How does it work?

The process normally begins by scheduling a design consultation with a jewellery designer. During the consultation, your custom creation is discussed in great length. After identifying your preferable style and features the design is conceptualized and visualized in either 3d software or hand drawing. The customer fully participates in the custom design process by providing a view and thus can provide ample feedback to those who visually render the design.

The rest of the custom made jewellery process is the same for both of the categories we discussed here. Hopefully, you are better off in distinguishing both of these options and are capable of making a decision which is in keeping with your desires.

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