Are there Big Differences between Global and Expensive Cosmetic Brands Compared to Low Cost Beauty Products?

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No doubt, you have wondered why some beauty products go at a very huge price and others at a very low price. This has birthed the question of whether or not there are differences between global and expensive cosmetic brands compared to low-cost beauty products as seen in Beauty Cosmetics online reviews. To be direct about the answer, yes there are big differences between the two and we are going to run through some of these differences based on the experiences and feedbacks found on beauty review companies.

The Technological Advancements Used By Brands to Create Products

Many of the global and expensive cosmetic brands make use of unique technological advancements to create their products. Other than this, there is also the ingredient composition; formulation and processing of these ingredients; and the overall physical packaging of the products. A research that was conducted by Mintel – a market research firm shows that there are several users who want personalized cosmetics for themselves as they think it produces better results

According to a statement made by Perry Romanowski – a cosmetic chemist, there are active ingredients used in some beauty products that make them more quality and more expensive than others. While there are common ingredients that both expensive and low-cost beauty products share, there are others that are present in the former and lacking in the latter.

The Cost of the Marketing Strategy Employed By the Brand

Another difference that exists between expensive cosmetic brands compared to products that come from the low-cost ones is the cost of marketing. Global brands make use of a more sophisticated marketing strategy that puts them ahead of other products and brands.

Generally, marketing strategies play a huge role in determining the perception of consumers about a product. A cosmetic brand is sometimes said to be global because of the quality and depth of its marketing campaign. Unlike low-cost beauty products, studies have shown that global and expensive cosmetic brands don’t just sell a product, they sell a lifestyle.

The Target Audience of the Cosmetic Product

The target audience of a cosmetic brand or product also affects its cost. To the rich and powerful in society, these products are a luxury, and just like every other luxury item, they are expensive. Consumers of global and expensive products have a thought pattern that expensive products especially cosmetic products are more quality than the low-cost ones.

Considering that the target audience of a brand or product affects its price, expensive and low-cost cosmetic products can co-exist under a larger brand. While the expensive products are directed to the top class in the society, the low-cost products are pitched to the middle and lower class.

While there might be big differences between global and expensive brands compared to low-cost beauty products, the cost has little to do with effectiveness. Dr. Samer Jaber of Washington Square Dermatology speaking to Huff Post says you don’t need to spend a lot of money on beauty products. The most important thing is to go for beauty products that work for you not because they are expensive or cheap, or because they come from a local or global brand.