A Guide on Making a Recycled Christmas Tree

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As it is that time of the year again when Christmas is celebrated all around with Christmas decorations filling the halls with jolly, it might become apparent to you that finding an original gift for that special someone in your life would be a necessity by now. However, you might not be sure as to what to obtain for such a person; thus, browsing through an online shop might not be such a bad idea as there are various items up for sale to give you some inspiration and ideas on how to find that original gift you intend to get for that special person. Therefore, it is recommended that you browse through several online shops and boutiques to ensure that you find this type of gift intended to be the best Christmas present this person would ever receive. Henceforth, sometimes it is also a good idea to make a gift of your own and turn your personalized present into something stunning that this special someone will adore for years. Nevertheless, take that perfect gift and place it under the Christmas tree and see how the joy of opening it on Christmas day brings. Moreover, the Christmas tree can also be original, such as the gift, and there are various ways to accomplish it.

A plastic and glass bottle tree

When starting your search to make an original Christmas tree, consider making your own using recycled plastic and green wine bottles. And you can accomplish this by taking the plastic bottle for example, and keep in mind that a green color would suit best and cutting them in half. Furthermore, then use the bottom half of the bottle by placing it upside down in a reconstructed form that resembles the shape of the perfect Christmas tree. Next, another idea is to use different sizes of green plastic bottles and stack them in the same condition, one on top of the other, starting with the smaller ones. Moreover, if these ideas are not enough, you can use the bottles, place them upside down and twirl the end so that it resembles real Christmas tree leaves and finish off your project; why not adorn and decorate your tree with some string lights? Then there is the green glass bottle project, which entails the same process.

An egg carton Christmas tree

This type of Christmas tree is the perfect project to enjoy with your kids; firstly, cut the egg carton in the shape of the Christmas tree or follow an outline of the traditional form of this type of tree. In addition, you can even use cut in half toilet rolls for this DIY Christmas project; however, by starting with the egg carton project, as mentioned before, start by cutting it into shape; next, ask the kids to paint it and place various objects such as handmade ornaments and even glitter on it. Finally, cut in half toilet rolls can also be used for this project. Carefully place them in the same shape as a Christmas tree, decorate and place them against a wall.

Cardboard Christmas trees

When tackling this project, you would need some cardboard boxes cut into size and then folded to form the required shape to resemble a real Christmas tree. Next, stack them on top of each other and cut out shapes, such as stars, out of the boxes, fill them with blue or red light, and let them shine through. So, in conclusion, whichever way you decide to make a handmade Christmas tree from recycled materials, enjoy the process and the end product even more. “It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree that matters, it’s who is around it”- Author unknown.