7 Best Ring Light Recommendations for Smartphones

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Before you decide you want to buy a ring light on Etoile Collective for smartphones, it helps you know how to choose a good ring light. First, choose a ring light that has more number of LED lights so that the light produced is brighter, choose a ring light that has light settings, choose based on ease of installation, and finally, choose based on the product’s power supply.


The following are the best ring light recommendations for your smartphone!

LCOSE Beauty Selfie Ring Light

One of the best ring lights on this one has a clip type, which you will clip on the smartphone when used. In addition, the holder can also be a holder when watching videos. Also equipped with a large mirror on the front.

Each ring light has 4 lighting levels available for white light and warm light. The use of white light is usually to get a natural color on the skin in all conditions, while warm light is used to animate the skin color, so the results do not look pale.

To support its function, this ring light uses a 1000 mAh battery capacity, which is quite large for a selfie ring light.

Vivan Voice Control Fill Light

There is something unique about this one selfie ring light, namely there is a voice control function!
With the range of voice control from this ring light even up to 3 meters, which will certainly make it easier.

The ring light type plugged into the earphone jack has 10 LED lights, with a battery power of 200 mAh.

Selfie Love Ring Light. Another clip type selfie ring light, which also has a mirror, the Selfie Love Ring Light. The shape of the ring light is the shape of the heart. The clip section on the ring light can also be used as a holder when you take photos, so you don’t need to hold the smartphone anymore. Can also be used as a back when you are making a video call.

The 8.5 cm diameter ring light has 36 LED lights and can be recharged using a USB cable.

Xuderong Portable LED Selfie Ring Light 4 Colors

If this ring light has another uniqueness, which can be used on two different types of lenses, 0.65x wide angle lens and 10x macro lens. One of the best ring lights can be used using a 500 mAh battery and is recharged using a USB cable. So that you do not need to refill too often, it is even recommended to only be done once in 3 months.
The lighting produced by the 65 mm diameter ring light is the type of white light and also soft light.

Twinkle Ring Magic Lens Clip

In this ring light there are 3 filter colors, namely clear, orange, and also white. With a ring light size of 4.5 cm and a total of 8 LED lights, making the ring light 2 in 1 enough to provide lighting on the photo.

16 LED Selfie Light Jack

This selfie ring light will help lighting your photos with two kinds of light colors, namely cold light and also warm light. The combination of the two will produce the perfect color for your photos. You can adjust the lighting level of the ring light in high, medium or low mode. This function you can adjust to the lighting conditions around you or want to be set to get the tone you want.

Selfie Ring Light XJ-16S

on ring light this one is a ring light that you can clip anywhere it has 3 lighting levels that you can set yourself. In addition, the best ring light on this one can also be rotated 360 degrees, so it can be used when photos use the front camera or rear camera.

To charge the ring light that has a total of 38 LED lights, you just need to use a USB cable that you connect to a power outlet or power bank.

Instant Pro Universal 21 LED Flash Spotlight

Instant Pro Universal 21 LED Flash Spotlight, which has brighter light than your smartphone’s flash. Even so, the light does not dazzle the eye like a flash.

The design is very minimalist, with a display of 21 LED bulbs. You simply plug this ring light into the smartphone earphone jack, and you are ready to take pictures.