4 Tips For Choosing A Unique And Simple March Ring Design

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Choosing a wedding ring is tricky, because we have to adjust the design of the ring with the personality of the couple. What’s more, a wedding ring is certainly different from a ring in general, because this ring will be worn for life. Therefore, you must choose a ring design that is truly unique. There are a number of appropriate jewelry spots like the one at Larsen Jewellery loose diamonds.


Here are tips for unique and simple wedding ring design choices.

Square Ring Design Model

Square ring is one of the wedding rings, designs that are made so neatly. This ring is perfect for those of you who want to display a contemporary impression, but still present a high selling power. You can discuss or consider it with your partner to choose this one ring design. After fixed, then you can ask the ring repairman or jewelry store to form this unique wedding ring design.

Elegant Palladium Wedding Ring

This ring design capital does look more minimalist, but you can also modify it with a celtic style to make it look more charming. This ring design can certainly provide its own characteristics, by combining yellow gold, black and white gold, which of course makes people who see it more impressed.

Art Deco Ring Design

To display this one ring design, you can combine it from diamonds and rose gold. Despite having a simple ring binder, the eye ring is still complicated, making it look more glamorous and elegant.

Made of Titanium

Buying a wedding ring does not need to be made of white gold or ordinary gold, because you can still choose other materials that are not less charming, such as material from black titanium. You can get it at a price that is quite affordable compared to white gold and black gold. Not only that, this unique wedding ring is also more resistant to corrosion, looks more luxurious and maintenance is very easy. So, for those of you who are looking for a ring with a unique design, you can make a choice by buying a ring from titanium.

That’s a review of contemporary ring designs that you can consider with your partner when planning a wedding. May be useful! For those of you who want to get a unique wedding ring as above, then you can consider obtaining a Larsen Jewellery. This is because Larsen Jewellery is the first jewelry boutique in Indonesia that can make purchases offline and online. As a well-known jewelry boutique, of course Larsen Jewellery provides a variety of jewelry collections that you can peek at the gallery.