20s Fashion – The Best and Quickest Way to Pull off Perfect 20s Look

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The 20s fashion has really come back! It is one of the most favored decades’ fashions in the present time – 20s Halloween costumes are quite popular and people often wear a 20s look for themed events and costume parties. This post will show you the easiest and best way to come up with a perfect 20s look.

#1: Know and Assemble the Right Clothing

Of course, coming up with a perfect 1920s look starts by knowing what people wore back in the days;

For women: The flapper dress that highlights a slim figure was the order of the day. These dresses often stopped at the knee or slightly below the knee. Don’t feel out of place if you’re not slim. You can definitely get a twist of your own flapper clothing by heading to an online costume store.

Also, fur dresses were seen with women back in the days. These will go well during winter for an outdoor themed event. They will also make great and unique 20s Halloween costumes. Women back in the days also favored drop waist dresses which they wore with sash or belts.

Skirts were also staples back in the days and typically fit into today’s fashion. These skirts were usually long and straight, stopping at the knee or extending down the ankle.

For Men: Suits of different patterns such as stripes and pleads were the in-thing in the 20s. These suits were typically worn daily and complemented with a fedora or round bowler hats.

#2: Wear the Right Kind of Shoes

For women: Shoes and footwear were not complicated at all. In fact, they spelled comfy as they come in low and comfortable heels that you can easily move around with. They usually feature ankle straps or another kind of straps.

For men: Men wore varieties of shoes back in the days. But, the most classic and favored was the two-tone Oxfords that fabulously complemented men’s suits in the 20s.

#3: Get Matching Accessories

20s fashion for women when it comes to accessories typically featured cloche hats, jewelry, purse, and seamed stockings. They wore these accessories practically daily. They also adorned their hair with hair decors such as hair bands and sparkly pins. Men’s accessories are mostly hats of various kinds – round bowler and fedora.

Finally, you can pull off 20s fashion quicker and easier by visiting an online costume store.