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Customizable Jewellery Vs Custom Made Jewellery

We live in a digital world which is driven by new technologies that have a tremendous impact on our lives, resulting in changes to our interactions, habits, and shopping experience.

The development of technology, for example, has greatly affected and modernized the jewellery industry. CAD/CAM Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing has been embraced by many jewellery professionals and used extensively in the workplace today. Designing jewellery in 3d and offering digital jewellery collections is a routine practice now. Therefore, we see customizable and custom made jewellery, which are terms that are often confused, and so let us simplify the terminology so as to clarify and explain it.

Customizable Jewellery And Customizable Rings

Customizable rings are probably the most popular item in the category of customizable jewelry. Alternatively, such rings can be referred to as Made-to-order rings or simply Custom Ring Settings. Essentially, all of them are rings designed in 3D … Read More