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Everything You Should Know About Microblading in Coeur D’Alene

For most women, eyebrows are an essential part of aesthetics and personal appearance. That is the main reason why they spend so much time waxing, plucking, filling them and threading. However, there are ways to do a permanent thing so that you can enjoy all the way.

The main problem with this particular idea is that eyebrow trends tend to change as time goes by, so getting a permanent tattoo is not the best option that you can consider.

That is the main reason why microblading at TruYu Beauty Studio is the best choice for you because it features semi-permanent and low-maintenance appeal. Therefore, its popularity reached prominence, and millions of women are looking for the perfect eyebrows without effort.

The idea is to understand everything about the procedure so that you can determine whether it will work for you or not. Stay with us to learn more about it.… Read More


Take a Cue from a Designer Boutique

It can be difficult to stay on top of the latest style trends, but a boutique shop is a great place to catch up on fashion know how. Besides having a smaller, more dedicated staff, the items at a boutique are typically hand selected to match what designers are showing on the runway. This season, designers are celebrating the female form, and ladies everywhere can visit a designer boutique clothing to be one of the first to slay this trend.

Conservative with a Twist

Dion Lee, Alexander Wang, and others showed off their fall and winter collections with a feminine play on the business suit. A woman may want to be career oriented, but that doesn’t mean she has to resort to a boring and boxy uniform. Designers took a risk and went for sensual cut outs and lower necklines, resulting in a female business suit that is far from … Read More


Is Body Piercing Different From Nose Piercing?

The history of humans is a wonderful thing that we can learn about. One of the most important things that tell us about our past is the different cultures. Attires and accessories become an obvious part of knowing about this culture. If you look at piercings and think that they are a new trend, then you aren’t right about it. Be it a gorgeous stud worn on an ear or a simple nose ring designs, they have been worn by both men and women from a long time. So, let us know a little more about body piercing in general.

What is body piercing?

It is quite obvious that people do know about body piercings. Still, we can say that body piercings are a type of body modification which involves puncturing any part of the human body. A body piercing is generally done to wear a piece of jewlellery. Read More

Fashion Show

Bellevue Fashion Week

Fashion ShowA fashion show case in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia made a serious fashion statement this week once they despatched drones to indicate their clothing as a substitute of fashions. Ladies at dwelling or on the seaside wore quick shorts with tucked-in blouses, or shirts tied on the midriff. If you have an opinion, make sure you add it to the feedback on the bottom of the web page. Obviously, the sporting of clothing now meant more than comfort in this early pun ridiculing fashionable footwear.

There have been nine episodes filmed, however only five have been broadcast. This was Stevenson’s second try at a sequence since leaving M.A.S.H with the first being another short-lived venture referred to as The McLean Stevenson Present. James Drury was Capt. Spike Ryerson an older firefighter who was a mentor and father figure to the other youthful members of Engine Co. 23. Richard Jaeckel was Hank … Read More


Why Primers are a Must-Have?

No matter if you prefer light makeup or full-face makeup, if you have not been using makeup primer, then you are really missing out. Makeup primer is an ultimate gift to all the makeup lovers when they are trying to combat shine or create a smooth base before applying foundation. However, many people are unaware of its importance and skip it believing they don’t really need it. Applying primer before putting foundation or other makeup will not only make everything last longer but also give a very smooth look.

Makeup Primer works as a base for foundation or makeup which permits it to go on smoother and help makeup last longer. The primers are formulated with silicone-based polymers like dimethicone because of their ultra-smoothing effects. However, if you have problem like cystic acne and other skin conditions, test it or check with medical professional before applying it on face to … Read More