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Games That Boost Productivity at Work

Few managers would rate boosting productivity as an easy task at work. There are ways to do it though. These can involve playing games at work that offer incentives to employees as a reward and encourage teamwork. Most of them are simple to teach to employees and offer a bit if fun as well.

The Building Game

Everyone is assigned teams by drawing a number out of a hat. The teams are given the same number of blocks. Those blocks must be placed together by each team to create a structure. That structure must stand up and be steady when completed. The first team to build the sturdiest structure first wins.

Drawing Game

Again, break the team into two groups and give a drawing to one side of the team. Have them sit to where they can not see one another or the picture they are trying to create. The side without the picture has to draw what the first person is describing correctly working as a team. The first side that gets it done first accurately, wins.

Human Knot

The group stands in a circle facing one another. Everyone should be side by side. If the group is large, have them break them into smaller groups and work together. Each person should reach out the right hand and connect with another person. Then, put out the left hand and grab another random person. The goal of the circle is to dis-connect themselves without releasing hands through communication.


This game requires going outside on a nice day. Hide things in a square space. Break the group up into two groups. Blindfold one group and pair them up randomly. One group without the blindfold gets the directions to find the hidden things. Have the people work together in these couples to find all of the items that are hidden.


Break the group into teams and hand them a puzzle set. They must work as a team to create the puzzle in a time frame as quiet as possible. Pints taken away when one person controls the game. The rules are to “work together.”

Sinking Ship

Place a piece of tape and place it across the middle of the room. Groups the workers into two groups. Each group is on one side of the tape line on the floor. A robe is handed to the group. All members hold the rope at their point of the room. Now, tape a line around the groups feet on each side of the middle tape on the floor. The objective is to keep inside of that “boat” on their side while the other team tried to pull them out of their “boat.” The winners are the team that holds steady and is not pulled out of their “boat.”

All of those games grant the winning team time off for an extra break. It’s incentives that can drive the team to work together. Then, take this same idea and create individual awards for accomplishment of a goal in daily assignments for the job. This can help the employees to work towards goals and enhance productivity.


Setting Up The Perfect Family Game Room

The family game room is a must in every home, and there are many ways to make it come together. There is a need for an air hockey table, and there are many other items that are quite exciting when you wish to make the room into a paradise of fun. This article explains how you may make your family game room into a fun place to play, and you will avoid problems that come with having no dedicated place to play.

#1: Air Hockey Is Always a Hit

For a table game that is good for all ages, definitely get your family an air hockey table and skip the billiards and foosball tables. Air hockey is quite competitive, and there are many people in the family who believe they will have an edge over the others. There are those who want to play air hockey and nothing else, and you will have others who will insist on playing something else. You must start with air hockey, but you must be more creative when you plan the room.

#2: Board Games Are Fun For The Whole Family

You must have board games set up in the house that will be easy to play, and you must place them in the room where anyone may play them. There are quite a few people who will want to play board games every day, and you may place them in the room where anyone may reach them at any time. The games should be fun for kids of all ages to play, and they will be engrossed in the games when they are playing for long periods of time. The games will make way for other parts of the game room that will be fun for the whole family. You can even buy themed games, like these cool Star Wars board games.

#3: Keep It Comfortable

You must have tables and seating in the room that will be easy to use, and you must have them set up in a manner that makes them easy to access when it is game time. Someone who wishes to play must have an easy place to look for the things they need, and they must have a table or two out that will help them ensure they may play instantly. The tables and chairs may be set out all the time, or you may leave them in a storage closet where the guests may move them quickly.

#4: Plan For Snacking

You may go so far as putting a bar in the room, and you will find it quite a lot of fun to use when you are entertaining, and you may use it when you are home with the family. Everyone who wishes to use the room may have a drink or snacks, and they will quite enjoy being in a room that everyone knows they may use to eat or drink. Eating and drinking in the room is quite important, and it helps the guests feel at home when they are over for parties.

#5: Tile Floors

You must have a tile floor in the game room to ensure the room is easy to clean. You want to avoid any problems you may with the spills that may happen in the room, and you will find it much easier for you to use the room without fear. The fear that comes along with the food you bring into the room is gone when you have set up a tile or linoleum floor.

The game room you put in the house is quite important as it will help you have a lovely time playing with your friends or family. You must have all the games in the room for your enjoyment, and you will find the game room much easier to use when you have the proper furniture and flooring sitting in the room or in storage.

How to Start Doing Stand-up Comedy

Were you the “class clown” throughout most of your school years? Can you make people laugh? Have you ever wondered how those stand-up comics are able to make money doing something they love? While big-name comics are rare, almost anyone can start doing stand-up comedy!

First, watch the masters.

Check out Netflix and YouTube for some great stand-up comedy routines. Don’t neglect the old-timers; some comedy techniques that we use today were pioneered by comedians of yesteryear, and the older videos can show you comedy methods that you may not see in modern comedians.

Some comedians (especially in older times) used a gimmick, like a puppet or props. Some comedians tell jokes. Many comedians (especially these days) use stories to entertain. Comedy is all about communicating with your audience, and the surest sign that a comic will fail is that the comic is not authentic. Watching the masters is a good way to hone your craft, but if your routine is not authentic and funny to you, your audience won’t like it either.

Second, take a break.

Before working on your comedy routine, take a break from stand-up comedy. Joke theft is considered to be one of the most egregious sins a comic can commit, and this can happen inadvertently if you’ve just finished watching a stand-up special when you sit down to write.

Always have a notebook.

The best comedy comes from the authentic lives of the comic, so most comics will carry around a small notepad and pen wherever they go. When a friend says something hilarious, write it down. When a random thought makes you laugh in the line at the coffeeshop, make a note of it. All of this source material is essential for a comic.

Write a routine.

To start out your stand-up comedy career, write your first routine. Take the funny things you listed in your notebook and develop your routine around that. Pick one or two topics, and try to limit your routine to 10 minutes. Make sure that you have transitions between topics if you’re using more than one.

Find an amateur night or open mic.

If you have a comedy club in your area, chances are it has an amateur night. One night every week or every month is usually devoted to amateurs. If you don’t have a comedy club nearby, try an open mic. These settings can be less useful, because they’re often poetry or music and comedy is a harder sell, but if that’s the only option you have for performing in public, give it a try.

One important note about amateur nights and open mics: the venue hosting the event makes the rules. Check the website, call the club, or attend an event as a spectator before taking the stage. Comedy clubs tend to be exceptionally strict on time limits.

As you perform your routine, you’ll continually be honing and improving it based on the feedback you get from your audience. In time, you’ll develop multiple routines that – with practice – can become a regular part of a larger show. With a little practice and an awful lot of luck, you may one day get your very own HBO comedy special!

Best Video Games for Couples to Play Together

Sometimes the best way to beat boredom is with some video games. But being married to a “gamer” can be a challenge! Video games are so much fun and so addictive that sometimes a non-gamer spouse can feel left out when a gamer plays. But instead of feeling left out and alone, why not join your spouse or partner? Some video games are perfect for couples to play together!

Pick a Platform

The hardware can sometimes be the biggest obstacle to gaming with a group. Computer gaming can be amazingly fun, but playing multi-player with a partner can require some technical skill and hardware that not everyone has. If you’re in a long-distance relationship or are separated by business travel, multi-player gaming can be a great way to spend time together despite the distance. If you’re in the same home, you may want to set up a game that can be played privately with only two of you; this used to require setting up a private LAN, but if the home has a good wireless connection, it can be done pretty easily with modern games over Wi-Fi.
Console games are usually the best games to play multi-player, as you can sit on the couch next to one another while playing. Nintendo Wii has many games specifically designed for multi-player, and as their games are easy for non-gamers to play, it tends to level the playing field when playing with a hardcore gamer! PlayStation usually has a pretty good selection of multi-player games, and Xbox doesn’t always have a great selection of multi-player games, especially for a casual gamer.
Pick a Game Type

Ideally, you can both agree on a game style. Non-gamers will usually want to stay away from a first-person shooter (FPS), as those games can be more difficult to master. Role-playing games (RPGs) are a good option for most new gamers, and platformers can be a fun choice for the casual gamer but may bore some more advanced gamers.
Best Games

Fable 3 (Lionhead Games) is a great RPG for gamers who enjoy lots of options, a light-hearted feel, and a good storyline. Multiplayer games require the same set of characters for the entire game.
Diablo 3 (Blizzard Entertainment) is an RPG with a dark storyline, lots of loot, and a robust multiplayer experience. It’s available on computer, PS3, and Xbox, and the multiplayer experience is beautiful, allowing you to move characters in and out of the multiplayer mode while retaining their experience and skills.
For a fun distraction rather than a regular campaign, try Mario (Nintendo)! MarioKart is a great casual racing game, and Super Mario World and Super Mario Galaxy are both great games to play as a couple or as a family.
If you’re looking for a first-person shooter with lots of multiplayer options, try Gears of War 3 (Epic Games). This game is a hit with men and women, and there are many different multiplayer options, from co-op play to versus games or horde mode, to accommodate a quick game as well as a long chapter. Borderlands 2 (Gearbox) is another great multiplayer experience with a quirky, light-hearted storyline and a good mixture of RPG and FPS elements. Be forewarned that in Borderlands 2, the difficulty level will adjust to the level of the highest-ranked player, so it’s best not to play an advanced character with a new one.

Good Ways to Learn a Foreign Language in Your Spare Time

There are few things in this world that define a culture more completely than a language. A language is shared by and shaped by the people who speak it, and by understanding the language, you develop a more complex and nuanced understanding of world cultures.

But these days, we’re all busy, and learning a foreign language is something that few of us can find the time for. The good news is that you can learn a foreign language in your spare time, even if your free time is limited!

First, choose a language.

Choosing a foreign language can be difficult. For native English speakers, the easiest to learn are European languages. In most parts of the United States, Spanish is extremely useful as a second language. In many parts of Canada, French is the ideal second language.

Choosing an ancient language or a language not widely used will limit the availability of resources available to learn the language. For example, Swedish and Norwegian are not widely used outside of Sweden and Norway, so resources to help you learn those languages will be more difficult to obtain. Latin and Attic Greek can be useful in Biblical scholarship, but the resources available to learn those languages are generally geared toward college-level students and can be difficult for an autodidact to use.

Second, choose a primary resource.

One of the best free resources for learning popular modern languages is an app for the iOS and Android. Duolingo is also available as a web-based game. Not all languages are included with Duolingo, but its portability on various devices makes it a fun way to learn languages while sitting in a waiting room or picking the kids up from school.

If the language you want isn’t available on Duolingo, Rosetta Stone is another option that’s exceptionally easy to use. Rosetta Stone is a computer program and website that’s rather pricey, but is highly effective in helping to learn foreign languages. With adjustable settings, the program can be adjusted to allow children as young as seven to begin learning a foreign language.

If you need a classroom setting to learn most effectively, or if you can’t find your language on Duolingo or Rosetta Stone, consider taking a class at your local community college. For Vulgar Latin, Attic Greek, or Arabic, you may be able to find classes at local churches or mosques.

Find a friend!

The best way to cement learning a new language is to speak it often! Rosetta Stone offers students the ability to chat online with people all over the world, allowing students to hone their language skills while conversing with real people who speak that language.

Ideally, you’ll be able to find a friend who speaks the language you want to learn. You may want to ask around on social media or within your network to seek out a linguistic buddy. Meeting periodically for face-to-face interactions will help you learn to truly understand your new language.

Learning a second language can be incredibly rewarding, and it’s not as difficult as you might first assume. In most parts of the world, people are expected to know more than one language. A native English-speaker has an advantage when he or she is bilingual, as it’s a skill that few native English-speakers develop. But the true value of learning another language is not in its benefit as a resume-booster; learning another language teaches you about people, customs, and societies in other parts of the world.