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Where To Find A Good Designer Handbag

You can generally get a designer handbag in person or online. Here you can learn about how to find one wherever you want to look. Avoid fakes and get a good price after reading these tips if you want to always get awesome handbags.

A good place to find handbags is through classified online ads. You can look every day or two and see if anyone has one. Or, you can put out an ad saying what you want and then you’ll be able to meet up with people. Make sure you do so in public, and that you know how to spot fake handbags. You want to meet in public to do the sale in case the person wants to do anything shady. Don’t bring a bunch of money with you to a place where there aren’t other people when dealing with anyone.

Bags that you get online are not going to be as easy to screen for fakes. The only real way to make sure it’s not one is to always ask for pictures. Make sure that any seller you work with has some kind of return policy, because if they tell you all sales are final they may be selling fakes or handbags that are not in the best of shape. They can even take photos of a nice one and then send you one that’s no good, so only work with trusted people that allow you to get your money back if something is wrong.

Buying from a store in person that is well known may cost you more, but it will always get you what you’re paying for. People that try to get really good deals on designer merchandise will soon find that there is a big market for fakes. You’ll be able to sometimes get awesome deals on used or new ones, but chances are they won’t all be legit. Before spending a lot of money on anything, know that people are really good at making fakes and that they are not worth much money at all.

Having the ability to get a nice designer handbag for cheap is always a good thing. You can get one for an event or just to make your daily look more awesome. You’re going to enjoy shopping and seeing all of the choices too if you enjoy checking out these kinds of things.

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Holiday Hairstyle Ideas for Women

The flat waves hairstyle is very desirable for the holiday season again this year! This trend lives on- among celebrities and everyday stylish people, like your favorite YouTube style celebrities. To achieve this incredible look, you will need a large/small-barreled hair straightener/flat Iron, curling iron, a comb, brush, wavy spray, shimmering serum or mousse. Apply these products after your hair is washed and conditioned.

There are seven ways to wear this creation:

* For medium length hair- All you need is a flat iron, wavy spray, and some hair spray or mousse. Take two long twist and carefully flat iron the strands- as you hold the end of the hair. Complete this step all over your hair. It only takes 5 minutes to complete.

* For Light curls- All you will need is a thin curling iron. Use some hair mousse and then break hair into sections, and twist strands with the curling iron- as you hold the end of the hair. It only takes 5 minutes to complete.

* For shorter hair- All you need is a small flat iron or the best straightening brush, wavy spray, and some hair spray or mousse and then break hair into sections, and twist strands with flat iron- as you hold the end of the hair. It only takes 8 minutes to complete.

* For long and thick hair- All you need is a large barreled hair straightener, wavy spray, shimmering serum or mousse. Take the straightener and twist the hair- as you hold the large barreled hair facing down towards the floor, and break hair into sections and twist strands with hair straightener, as you hold the end of hair. It only takes 10 minutes to complete.

* Embrace natural waves by blow drying your hair with a diffusor, and let the hair strands fall naturally.

* If your hair is already wavy, twist back the two front sections of your hair- and pin them to the back of your head, to create a romantic look.

* Overnight Styling- Before you go to bed, dampen hair and part it down the middle into two pigtails. Spray strands with wavy spray or mousse. Coil the two halves of the ponytail- and pin the ends in sections to your head. Your hair will dry naturally overnight. The next day, unpin the hair and loosen with a comb or your fingertips. The waves should settle naturally. It’s best to keep the hair well- conditioned to get stronger results.

Listed below are some hair tips for dealing with wavy hair:

  • Minimum use of heat
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo to avoid dryness
  • Use a moisturized conditioner
  • Do not use silicone, because it coats the hair and prevent moister to the scalp
  • Use a wide tooth comb to detangle hair- after it is washed

In all cases, for the fresh wave look- wash your hair, blow dryer, and then apply the wavy spray or mousse, to obtain the luxurious style that you desire. If you want bounce or volume, brush your hair upside down- and spray some lacquer on the edge of the strands to get a festive look!

This is a guest post from the gals over at Straight Hair Day. Check them out at for more tips on getting that perfect hairstyle for your holiday parties.