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Finding The Best Fashion Trends

If you are thinking about going with proper fashion trends, you will want to find good spots to begin your research on the topic.

So, where do you go?

You have three places that are going to be prominent when it comes to this search.

Begin here.

Fashion Shows

The best place to start is to look at fashion shows in the area because this is going to matter a lot. You want to make sure the fashion show you are going with will matter. These are the things that are going to matter a lot because the fashion shows remain ahead.

You want to go through this information and meet with people who are like-minded about these trends.

You will have a good time, and it will be an excellent learning experience.


The magazines are going to give you nice value as well in the long-term. You are going to get a good look into what people adore and why they do.

Magazines are a must in this day and age because they are updated all the time and you get a fresh look at what the world of fashion has to offer. Why not take advantage of these trends?

Go through some of the leading magazines and see what they have to offer regarding ideas. You will adore what they are bringing to the table for you to go through.


Yes, you can go down the simple route and begin online because that will provide you with nice access into what people wear and why they are wearing those items in the first place. Just having this information can give you a lot of value in this day and age.

You want to make sure things are pushing forward as that is a must.

An online option is something you are going to enjoy. These are the fashion trends you will be able to lay a foundation with as to what you are putting on and buying.

Fashion trends are going to come and go, so you have to be alert and pay attention to what is being put on. You have to look into these things as well as you can because it does matter a lot.

When you are in tune with what people are putting on, you are going to add a new wrinkle to your fashion approach as well, which is what matters most.

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How I Get To Wear Different Designer Clothes Every Work Day

I am a fashion consultant and stylist for a living, and so it is critical that I be seen dressed sharp myself all the time. I have many regular clients, and one thing that a lot of them have told me about why they believe in me and refer me to others for more work is because they have never seen me wear anything but designer clothes, but they also have never seen me wear the same thing twice.

Both facts are true, but what they do not know is that I do not actually own all that many clothes. Granted, I have about a month’s worth of outfits sitting in my apartment, and they are all designer clothes, but I sure did not spend full price on them. Some of them I did not even pay for. I do get them in a variety of ways though.

Some designer clothing makers send me outfits to try out or wear because they want me to like them and recommend them to my clients, but this does not account for as much of my wardrobe as you might think, nor does it really work. I always give my clients my honest opinion.

What I do on top of the freebies is sell my clothes online after I have worn them once. While an outfit does have a slight market markdown after being worn once, it is not that much, given the demand for such clothes, so I do get most of my money back from anything I bought fresh off the rack.

Even then, I do not pay full retail most of the time, as I buy used quite often myself online. Unlike a lot of others, I do not waste time looking for something exactly my size, as I know a good tailor and make very fastidious use of him much of the time.

I also hit vintage boutiques, donation stores, and yard and garage sales every weekend. You would be shocked to discover just what kind of designer clothes you can find in boxes at such a sale, just because people do not know what they have. Sometimes the wrong family member goes through a closet, or they forgot and just want to get rid of a bad memory as soon as possible.

All in all, I have various ways of finding a steady supply of great clothes.

michael kors store

Why I Fell In Love With Michael Kors

I am one of those women who don’t carry a purse all of the time. This can be very inconvenient when I am headed somewhere and I have a few things I have to take with me. For this reason, I fell in love with the idea of using a wristlet. This would give me the opportunity to have everything I need with me without feeling like I am weighed down by a large sized bag.

When I talked to my sister about buying a wristlet, she said that she had one I could have. She said it was a Michael Kors wristlet and it was nice, but she likes larger bags. When I first saw it, I was a little apprehensive because it was white, but it became my favorite thing to carry. I had it for a year or two, then I decided I wanted to buy more. Since this one held up for me without getting wrinkled, torn or anything of the sort, I decided to stick with the Michael Kors brand.

After going to several different websites to find Michael Kors bags, I realized that one thing was universal. The bags were all great looking and they did not cost co much that the average person could not afford them. This is a definite plus, especially considering the fact that I am not made of money. They were so well-priced that I decided to buy a few in different styles and colors.

A year ago I decided to buy a nice wristlet I saw that was made by another designer. While it was okey, I can say that it is not as well made as the ones that I already had. I also felt like the bag was a bit on the flashy side. As most people know, Michale Kors bags are great looking without making you feel like you are being gaudy. That is important to me since all my outfits are quite simple and I would prefer not to stand out from the crowd when I am out and about.

If you would have asked me about Michael Kors about five years ago, I would have no idea who in the world you were talking about. Now that I have had experience with the quality of the products he offers, there is no way that I will ever be as satisfied with anything else.